Monthly Archives: July 2015

Insurance 101

By John Handy– One of my favorite days of the year is when I get to go to Essex High School and talk to the Business Class about insurance. Auto Insurance. Homeowners Insurance. Business Insurance. Most of them want to talk about Auto Insurance because they are all at or getting to ‘that age’. It’s… Read More

My Hero

By Christine Johnson- There are many defining moments that being a parent have caused a great deal of stress and also those where you can’t imagine yourself being more proud. My oldest son, Jared, who will turn 24 this summer; has been the cause of both recently. He decided that he wanted to serve our… Read More

Life In a Small Town

By John Handy– Starting my insurance career selling Homeowners, Automobile and Business Insurance more than 3 decades ago in the small town of Essex Vermont I had no idea of the joys I’d receive from life by the 5 Corners. The short walk to the bank each day is invariably filled with pleasant horn honks… Read More