Insurance 101

By John Handy

One of my favorite days of the year is when I get to go to Essex High School and talk to the Business Class about insurance. Auto Insurance. Homeowners Insurance. Business Insurance. Most of them want to talk about Auto Insurance because they are all at or getting to ‘that age’. It’s fun to hear them argue back and forth about rates for boys and rates for girls. Who is a better driver. Who is safer. It’s a good education for them to understand Liability, Uninsured Motorist, Comprehensive and Collision. Like it or not, they will be dealing with it soon enough.

Invariably, however, the conversation comes around to my yard in my old Essex Town home. Oh, I love that house. The Pool with a diving board. The Zip Line in the woods. The Fire Pit. Bailey The Dog, the one with the bark of a beagle but the growl of an angry German Shepard. How about the “Luge Run” that we built every winter, which would dump gleeful children right in the street at the bottom of my hill. A treasure trove of exposures to teach the soon to be adults about the “Liability” portion of a Homeowners Policy. Fun time at Essex High. Enjoy the Summer. See you next Semester!