Life In a Small Town

By John Handy

Starting my insurance career selling Homeowners, Automobile and Business Insurance more than 3 decades ago in the small town of Essex Vermont I had no idea of the joys I’d receive from life by the 5 Corners. The short walk to the bank each day is invariably filled with pleasant horn honks and friendly waves from the drivers-by. Banter with the tellers always spills into talk of the weather or the weekend plans and well wishes. Lunch at the bustling Martone’s or the friendly faces at the Grill next door, fill my week with feelings of how it must have been in ‘Yesteryear”. I like to be the one to deliver mail for no reason other than to see who I see on the streets! Tapping on the glass of fellow store front owners and again a pleasant wave. All good in the Village for this guy!