Giving and Thanks does not include Texting and Driving

By Shelby King

The Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect segue for the “end of the year” and the season of giving. Like no other holiday – it brings families and friends together to celebrate each others company much more than the feast itself. It’s the holiday where our hearts are wide open to giving and receiving. It’s the time of year when we reflect on our lives, our families, our history. It’s a time of great appreciation. It’s a time of love.

Alas, December blows in with alacrity; albeit sometimes bound by icy roads, still-darker days, year-end deadlines, and shopping! It demands our attention! It is, also, well published that many feel more fatigued due to the lack of daylight and more stress as a result of perceived or real expectations of deadlines and/or of giving. While our intentions may be pure to do as much as we can in a day, there are certain places where the multi-tasker in us all doesn’t belong. Like the car.

“Texting and driving” (all hand-held cellphone use) is now illegal in VT and many other states, yet remains a common occurrence. Using a hand-held device while driving simply is not worth the potential of an accident causing injury to yourself, others, or the damage to property that will likely follow. (Especially, at this time of year.) There are myriad online sources to substantiate this – and horrific statistics to demonstrate the severity of many of these types of accidents caused by distracted driving.

The employees and owners of The Essex Agency take great pride in the relationships we’ve developed with our customers over our 40+ years in business.  After all, we’re human too and appreciate the interaction! Like you, we are bound by our senses of cause, charity, commitment, appreciation, and love. We encourage you to consider your core values – and remember there is a time and a place for everything. Texting and driving simply do not go hand in hand.

Thank you for trusting us and Happy Holidays!