Toy Season “Change-over”

By Rodney Putnam

Well it’s that time of year when we start having to think about taking the boats out of the water and getting them prepped for their “long winter’s nap”. But wait, to what do my wandering eyes should appear? A 600cc Ski Doo in the trailer – it has been waiting for the new riding year!

Boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATV’s – our seasonal toys that we love and make the seasons pass easier (and with more smiles) in our Green Mountain State make living here all the more fun, but take a look at how you insure them before you hit the trails.

Many people we see bring what they had for previous coverage to compare and here are the two most common “gaps” that we notice:

1)      Only have State Minimum Liability – commonly followed by “I just want the least I need to go ride”. Liability is for paying a claim to cover damage you cause to the person you just ran into. The State of Vermont says the minimum amount is $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident, $10,000 property damage. If you run into Grandpa Jones & he has to be hospitalized – will $25,000 last more than a day or two? Probably not, and you will still be responsible for any medical cost over that. Will $10,000 cover his sled? Maybe, maybe not  – new sleds are easily close to or over $10,000. As an Agent as well as a rider I recommend to my clients that they carry at least $100k/$300k/$50k, or more as this is also protection for your assets.

2)      Uninsured Motorist Coverage? Sometimes we see snowmobiles (and boats) added to a homeowners policy. But what if the guy who just hit you didn’t pay his insurance bill and has no coverage? Homeowner’s policies do have this option. Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage is what will protect you for this situation, but only if the policy is a true snowmobile or boat policy.

If you would like, please call us or bring in your current coverage and we can explain what you have or may not have and give you a comparison quote to consider. Don’t let 15 minutes or less put you on the wrong end of an accident claim.


Happy Riding!