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Boats in Vermont with Boat Insurance

     Vermonter’s are enjoying summer on the water now more than ever.
Enjoy it even more knowing that your boat or personal watercraft is properly insured.

     We think there is nothing better than time with family and friends on our beautiful waters right here in Vermont. It’s a short season here, so make sure you have the right boat insurance to make sure you get back at the helm as soon as possible.

     We represent a variety of carriers who really know boats and how best to protect them. From Liability to Comprehensive and Collision, from Stern to Bow and all the equipment in between, we can set you up with the right policy for YOU and your vessel!

What do I need to know about Boat Insurance?

     The types of coverage offered for boat insurance are standardized into several key coverages: property, liability, & medical. Based on these selections, the power of the boat, and where it is driven and stored, are what make up the bulk of the policy premium. During the course of our discussion, we will help you determine if additional coverage is needed for the trailer, boat accessories (such as radar & geo navigation systems), special equipment (like fishing gear), and towing coverage. When you choose The Essex Agency, we will ensure that your boat is adequately covered when it’s in the water, and when it’s in winter storage.

What does Boat Insurance Cover?

  • Your Boat Insurance Policy will cover your personal watercraft, jet ski, motorboat, sail boat, catamaran, pontoon boat, or houseboat.
  • Property Coverage – Protects your boat on water, and on land, and helps to pay the cost of repair or replacement of the boat after it has been damaged in an accident.
  • Liability Coverage – Should your boat be responsible for damages to another person’s property, these liability coverages help pay for expenses you many incur as a result.
  • Medical Payments – Help pay for the resulting expenses (hospital bills, x-ray, medication, etc) when you or a passenger are injured as a result of an accident on your boat.

What do I need to know about Boating in Vermont?

  • Lake Champlain provides a beautiful back drop to a day spent out on the boat. Sandwiched between the Adirondack and Green Mountains boaters enjoy calm days in a cove, the speed of the open water, and can travel to Montreal or beyond. 
  • Aside from the beauty of boating in Vermont, our waters are riddled with hidden objects that can wreak havoc on a great day on the boat. It’s important to become familiar with the lake depths of the areas you frequent as Lake Champlain can go from being very deep, to very shallow, quickly. In early spring/summer and after storms, large trees and branches can be washed out into the broad lake.
  • First time boat owners (and all drivers) should take a boater safety course from to learn about safe operation and navigation. We would also recommend reviewing the information provided by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department on how to boat safely, how to find depth charts, and how to stop the spread of invasive species. 

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