The Essex Agency is a leading agency that supplies surety bonds for our contractor clients.

 We have numerous bonding companies that we have done business with for many years that can be tailored to fit your needs, whether it is your first time purchasing contract surety bonds or you are a seasoned contractor.

Our rates are very competitive and we enjoy a strong relationship with our bond underwriters.

We may be able to place a difficult bond that you are having a hard time placing.

The type of surety bonds we write are the Bid Bond when you bid the job and if you the successful bidder, we provide the Performance & Payment Bonds.

Please reach out to one of our agents here at your local Vermont insurance agency and we can get your surety bond quote started right away for you.

How do you prefer to communicate with us?

To speak with a licensed surety bond representative please call our office at:


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The Essex Agency provides Contract Surety Bonds to our local community of Chittenden County Vermont as well as customers across the State of Vermont.