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     Contrary to popular opinion, a personal liability umbrella isn’t just for the wealthy. While you may not feel like a high net worth person who is a target for a lawsuit, the reality is that the more insurance policies you have, the more exposures and liabilities you are protecting. Whether you are involved in an accident, have a swimming pool, an ATV, or even have vacant land – your liabilities stack up, and a personal umbrella policy helps protect you, your family, everything you have, and will, work hard for. With a personal liability umbrella in place, you add another $1 million dollars or more in protection in the event you are found legally liable for damages caused to someone else.

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How to know if you should consider a Personal Umbrella Policy:

You have assets

     Whether your assets consist of cash, savings, retirement funds, home equity, or any thing that adds up to create a tangible value, including your ability to earn money in the future. In the event of a lawsuit, legal teams will add up every asset to determine how much their defendant has to gain from suing you. A personal liability umbrella protects your assets in the event of a lawsuit.

You have liabilities

     Liabilities are all around us and each liability creates opportunities for a lawsuit. In the context of this policy, a liability is any opportunity a person has to blame you for negligence. Vacant land, a vacation home, an RV, a pool, and even your words are examples of liabilities. This policy provides protection over all your exposures, when someone claims that your negligence precipitated an injury.

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